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Sports, games and fun in the Moselle valley
Get moving and discover what's tucked behind the many Moselle river bends - the perfect way to spend an exciting day.

A successful day out really depends on the kind of activities you can get stuck into! If you're looking for a real thrill, there are many sporty activities on offer in and around Kröv, which vary depending on the season. Or perhaps you fancy something a little more relaxed that allows you to concentrate on your mental and physical well-being. 

In the Moselle Adventure Forest - Mont Royal - an exciting world of ropes, beams and obstacles, you'll find a whole host of activities for your own personal adventure. It's the perfect day out for anyone with a taste for adventure, the great outdoors and action, as well as any aspiring climbers. Go a few metres further and you can observe the Moselle valley from an entirely different perspective: here, you have the chance to take to the skies over the stunning Moselle landscape, or even flirt with the idea of some aerobatics. 

For those who want to take to new heights, but would rather keep their feet firmly on solid ground, a visit to the Landal Mont Royal holiday park is a great option - it's surrounded by vineyards and offers a panoramic view over the Moselle. Visitors can take advantage of a diverse range of leisure activities, some of which are also available for day visitors. This is also the location of the Mont Royal fortress - built by the French king Louis XIV - the ruins of which can still partially be explored on foot. Regular guided tours through the incredible fortress are conducted during the holiday season.

We are happy to provide information about the diverse offers and, with your input, we're sure to find exactly the right leisure activities for you.  

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