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The people of the Moselle have a true zest for life; they're born with a taste for good wine and good food, as well as a healthy appetite for letting their hair down. 

The people who live along the river like nothing more than to celebrate everything to do with wine throughout the entire year. So don't be surprised when things start with a bang at Carnival, followed by a year in which almost every month sees an antiques flea market, a wine presentation or a wine festival, attracting visitors from far and wide. The wine festival season officially starts with the "Kulinarischen Frühlingswochenende" (the Culinary Spring Weekend) at Ascension, which is followed by a varied programme of wine festivals, sports events, concerts and comedy: either open air or in the "Kröver Nacktarsch Weinbrunnenhalle", the town's large event hall. 

The summer months are especially jam-packed with events, whether it's the International Traditional Costume Festival, the tractor festival, the bulldog festival or the "Spass auf der Gass" street festival - in the wine and holiday destination of Kröv, we make the most of every festival.


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